Jamie  Nestegard

Jamie Nestegard started in the insurance industry at the Washington Health Benefit Exchange at the release of the Affordable Care Act in 2013. She thrives on being able to problem solve and help consumers understand the logistics of insurance. In a space where health insurance is ever changing she feels that her purpose is to create a more consistent understanding for her customers of what they actually need. She relocated to Tucson, Arizona in 2017 and started at Workman Insurance Solutions.

She loves hiking in the desert with her Pitbull Old English bulldog, Butters, and enjoys all things caffeinated. She loves the local Tucson eats and is always ready for suggestions on where to find a decent Greek restaurant in this Hispanic Food Mecca.

Jamie believes that in the insurance industry there are two types of consumers, those who hate insurance and those who simply just don’t understand it. Her main goal in her career is to make sure that she creates a more educated community that feels more confident with their insurance policy.